Steam Car Cleaner


VERYCLEAN designed Steam cleaners for easy operation to reach the industry’s highest maximum steam temperatures. Such high steam tem-peratures enable the-se steam cleaner ma-chines to rapidly dis-solve and soften even the most stubborn residues, stains, and deposits.

VERYCLEAN Steam Machine Has Noble Application In Industry And Jewelry.
It Is Safe And Economical To Use Purpose Is To Clean And Dry Compo-nents Before Final Pack-ing. It Removes Dull Look, Smudges And Finger Marks From Final Prod-uct From Aluminum, Brass, Silver And Gold.


  •  Removable heating elements within the durable, stainless steel boiler.
  •  Irreplaceable heating Rod.
  •  Operating pressure range from 2 to 5 kg./cm.sq.
  •  Solenoid valves with high pressure safety.
  •  Rock wool insulation
  •  Can handle maximum steam temperature.
  •  Easy operation
  •  Rapidly dissolve and soften even the most stubborn residues, stains and deposits
  •  High steam cleaning

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