Spinnerets Cleaning Machine.

Spinnerets Cleaning Machine.

Spinnerets Ultrasonic Cleaning & Drying : We provides ultrasonic cleaning systems using a variety of unit sizes cleaning solution and transducer types and frequencies. Provide physical removal of particulate from filtres surfaces. Push chemicals or rinse waters into small openings or media to wash out particulate. Provide a passivating small nesting parts. The type of contaminant will determine whether piezoelectric unit from 18 khz up to 40 khz are used.

Spinnerets Cleaning Machine

Cleaning and drying of pack filters, MOT filters. Drying stage can be heated  for burnout process also. We are aldo offered machine cleaning capabilities we use when cleaning pack and spinnerets. Serving the synthetic fiber industry from a dedicated facility, we provide custom cleaning services for spinnerets, packs, and associated equipment. this resuit in reductions in fiber break rates, increased pack life and more predicatable fiber uniformity. Specilizing in safe removal of polymers from spinnerets and pack parts used in synthetic fiber production.

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