VERYCLEAN manufactures Ultrasonic cleaners for faster, more consistent, and safer than any other cleaning methods. Industrial ultrasonic cleaning equipment , the ultrasound is passed in liquid media with ultrasonic energy where liquid is agitated.
An Industrial ultrasonic cleaner or sonicator, is a cleaning device that uses sound waves (usually from 20–40kHz) and an appropriate cleaning solvent with time and temperature.
Organization is indulged in offering a premium range of Ultrasonic Cleaning to our customers. These machines are manufactured using high-grade raw material that is procured from trust-ed vendors of the market. Our range includes stainless steel baskets for ultrasonic cleaning, ultrasonic cleaner for laboratory and different sizes of ultrasonic cleaning machine, among other products.

KEY FEATURE:-uccleaning
· Faster and efficient cleaning.
· Easy handling of filters.
· Portable & works on single phase.
· Four filters at a time can be processed

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