Hard Coating Machine

Hard Coating Machine

The lens hard coating machines are user friendly and fully automated through either our mass transfer or transporter robotic handling sys-tems to process batches of lenses through the cleaning and hard coat-ing processes.

We work with the market leader in premium abrasion-resistant dip-coating solutions for the ophthalmic industry, they produce a variety of hard and other coatings and primers for lenses and other transparent ap-plications.

Features & Components:

  • Inspection prior to coating – loading
  • Table-top pre-cleaning
  • Automated ultrasonic cleaning system (UCS)
  • Curing and / or degassing oven
  • Clean-air flow bench – ionizing
  • Air gun
  • Vacuum antireflection coating system
  • Warm water system
  • Electrical transformer
  • Water chiller
  •  Hydrophobic coating chamber (optional) Final quality inspection
  •  Air compressor
  • Air dryer Bead (sand) blaster.
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