FAQ of VeryClean Mumbai

FAQ of Very clean Mumbai

Why do you need a component cleaning system? Or Why is Cleaning required?
  • Remove unwanted particles and decreasing oil from surface
  • Remove dust, debris, swarf, sludge, lumps, buffing compounds and any other inorganic or organic surface impurities
  • Prepare surface for next operation
  • Improve aesthetics
  • Improve performance ,consistency, reliability MTBF,TQM,TPM of final assembled product and process
  • Cleaning is also useful to clean and maintain machinery tooling – die sets, cutting tools,chocolate molds in food industry, to plastic manufacturing industry to clean dies/parts which have polymer stuck to it after long production runs.
When can cleaning be required?
  • While manufacturing, in between machining processes
  • machine or sub system overhauling
  • prior to coating or finishing operation
  • Prior to inspection, final assembly, packing and dispatch
What cleaning process steps are considered?
  • Pre cleaning by hot Spray jet wash. Liquid agitation, dunking in water bath
  • Precision cleaning by Ultrasonic technology
  • Rinsing in hot water bath to remove chemicals
  • Apply surface coating for protection
  • Drying with air jet and hot air recirculation
  • Repeat or change sequence of specific steps as per cleaning precision required
What are the critical factors in a cleaning process?
  • Components location or orientation and geometry
  • Cleaning time control
  • Temperature control, heater power
  • Ultrasonic power and frequency sound waves
  • Selection of Cleaning chemicals, and deciding its concentration
  • Uniform drying to make tack free surface
  • Material handling
How can Very clean help with your cleaning requirements?
  • Very clean is involved in:
  • Understanding cleaning requirements of customer
  • Design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Customized cleaning systems
  • Ready to use ultrasonic cleaning tanks
  • Immersible transducers and cleaning stations
  • Drying ovens, material handling and water treatment systems
  • Undertaking of Overhauling / Automation / Re-engineering projects on existing systems.
  • Accessories offered by Vercylean
  • Heaters, filtration, liquid agitation, component locator’s, automated material handling,
  • Effluent treatment systems to neutralize effluents for environment protection and acceptability.
  • De-Mineralization water plants.
  • Cleaning process validation apparatus for millipore test, foil test, pH and conductivity measurement
  • Services offered by Vercylean
  • AMC and Spares for any make of cleaning systems
  • Free trials/demonstration to recommend suitable cleaning process
  • Free reports for up gradation / re-engineering work
  • Cleaning process validation
Ultrasonic Cleaner For Laboratory+

Ultrasonic Cleaner For Laboratory

Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine
UC System for Radiator Parts+

UC System for Radiator Parts

Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine
Ultrasonic Generator+

Ultrasonic Generator

Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine
Uc For JEt Engine+

Uc For JEt Engine

Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine

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